Wiliam Chandler

Bill Chandler

Bill recently worked for the FDIC for five years in the Division of Resolutions and Receiverships where he helped close several failing banks across the country.  During his tenure with the FDIC, Bill spent over one year in the Office of Complex Financial Institutions located in Washington DC assisting FDIC management understand potential U.S. and international tax issues of a Dodd-Frank Title II resolution of “Too Big to Fail” multinational bank groups. 

Before working with the FDIC, Bill was the Chief Tax Officer for several multinational companies operating in over 20 countries across varied industries such as software development, medical device, electronic component, and building products manufacturing and distribution.

Bill is currently the owner and principal of, a global tax process consulting company providing global tax expertise normally reserved for large companies to small and mid-size companies.  Bill is also co-owner of, a Chandler based group physical therapy practice providing physical therapy to individuals with no insurance or no remaining insurance benefits at affordable group rates.

Bill received his Master of Science degree in Taxation from the University of Houston and has been a Texas CPA since 1985. 

Bill traveled the world extensively with his positions and has lived and worked in several different cities including Mexico City, Santa Barbara, California and Washington DC but moved to Chandler several years ago for the clear desert skies. 

Bill enjoys most activities that involve blue skies, blue water, or the open road.  Bill has driven across the U.S. several times and has traveled all the way around the world once.

Bill is a competitive skydiver and motorcycle racer.

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