Tina Behrens Leadbetter

Tina Behrens Leadbetter is the owner of Acuity Consulting, LLC, a consulting firm providing services to businesses and banks in organization.  She has worked with the boards of banks in organization for almost fourteen years, and is a member of the Arizona Financial Institutions Task Force.

Ms. Behrens has worked with banks seeking National and State charters.  Her expertise includes preparation of Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, cash flow projections, drafting the offering documents for the initial capital raise, assisting in the development of a Stock Option Plan and a community Advisory Board.  Ms. Behrens also performs preliminary blue-sky research in preparation for the sale of stock and works with the organizers in collecting their personal and financial data for the application.  With a degree in business, Ms. Behrens has served many small businesses in a lead operations or financial role.  She maintains her insurance license in the State of Arizona.

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