Business, marriage, raising children, inter-personal relationships and much of life can be explained with this Timeline Photo by Beautiful Engineering.


This also explains starting a bank.  Nearly everyone just sees the tip of the iceberg.

An Ideal Time to Start a Bank!

What We Do

Independent Bank Developers, LLC  has a team of professionals that have experience and processes designed to deliver your new Bank to your organizing group structured for success. We build in procedures with safety, soundness and the framework for each area of operation for your Bank. Our growth strategy is geared toward the development of a low cost, core deposit base funding a portfolio of prudently underwritten loans and investments.


Board Development The strength of the Board of Directors is essential to a new Bank’s approval and continued success. The bank regulators, now more than ever, are emphasizing the requirements for a Director, an effective selection process is absolutely essential.


  •        IBD will work with your group to identity and recruit those individuals best equipped to assist in the development of the Bank and bring both shareholders and clients to the Bank once it has been chartered.
  •        IBD will assist in the vetting process for new Directors, assuring that the Board of Directors ultimately submitted to the bank regulators will meet with approval.


Board of Director Education - Equipping the Board of Directors with a thorough knowledge of the duties and responsibilities of directorship guarantees another essential key to success. Complete training is provided by bank and de novo bank experts who possess both regulatory and bank operating experience.

  •         IBD provides each Director with an educational process designed to increase the understanding of their role as a bank director.
  •         IBD will provide training programs that will equip your Directors with the ability to execute an effective oversight strategy, an understanding of bank management, and growth goals of the Bank.
  •         IBD will give you a competitive advantage over other new banks with Directors who are trained prior to the bank opening and can “hit the ground running”, as opposed to the “on the job training” used by many competitors.


Market Feasibility Study - Thoroughly understanding your market, from a business concentration standpoint to the demographics necessary to achieve your goals are a pillar to the Strategic Plan and critical to the creation of solid foundation for the development and ultimate success of that Plan and your Bank.

  •        IBD will assist in identifying the correct Primary Service Area (PSA) to best reach your targeted customers and achieve your goals.
  •        IBD will provide a detailed analysis of demographic data, competitor’s market share and strategies, and current financial data on recently formed banks.
  •       IBD will identify and analyze your selected market for feasibility, competitive factors, and ease of entry.


Strategic Plan - A combination of the Director’s expertise and experience, coupled with the knowledge flowing from the feasibility study and guidance provided by IBD provides the basis for creating a quality, executable Strategic Plan.

  •         IBD facilitates the Strategic Planning sessions utilizing both regulatory and practical banking experience to assist the Board in creating a consensus of goals and objectives supported by the market feasibility study.
  •        IBD will use resulting goals and objectives to create a formal three year Strategic Plan, to include executable and comprehensive three year financial pro-formas.
  •        IBD will work with your organizers taking best advantage of their present and past business, philanthropic, and personal relationships to successfully build the Bank during its initial three years of operation.


President Identification - A quality senior management team is an essential key to the Bank’s growth and profitability.  The President and Chief Executive Officer is the most important position within the Bank.  This person will ultimately be responsible for the successful execution of the Strategic Plan and overall management of the Bank.

  •         IBD will work comprehensively with the Board to identify presidential candidates capable of implementing the Strategic Plan.
  •       The successful presidential candidate must be approvable by the banking regulators.  IBD will assist in the vetting process through a comprehensive review of both public and regulatory information.
  •       IBD will also assist in the identification, recruitment and vetting of appropriate individuals once the Bank is prepared to add additional key senior management positions to the team.


Identification of appropriate location - The selection of the Bank’s physical location is critical to the Bank’s success.

  •         IBD will combine the knowledge and experience of the Board’s local real estate expertise to create a list of location quality potential locations for the Bank.
  •         IBD will assure that the selected location is consistent with the Market Feasibility study and the Strategic Plan, not around the real estate, as is too often the case with competitors.
  •         IBD will work with appropriate Board members and a local real estate professional towards negotiating the best lease or acquisition parameters possible.


Completing the Application Process – IBD has successfully submitted Charter Applications to each of the primary regulatory authorities.

  •       IBD has the experience and knowledge in working with each of the regulators allows the Board to understand and select the correct application strategy, ultimately choosing the best regulatory framework for the Bank to meet its strategic goals.
  •       Upon arriving at the correct Charter decision, IBD will focus on a myriad of factors, including current regulatory guidelines, goals and objectives of the Strategic Plan, and costs.  The final determination is based not on what IBD wants, but what is best for the Bank.


    Capital Strategies - Proper capital formation strategies are critical to the successful opening of the Bank.  These strategies include the type of offering, the appropriate amount of capital to satisfy both regulatory requirements and support growth projections. IBD has successfully executed a variety of capital strategies for both banks and bank holding companies.


    Pre-Opening Assistance - Prior to opening the Bank, many decisions have to be made concerning areas from core processing systems, necessary equipment, the development of appropriate Policies and Procedures, and the acquisition of furniture and fixtures. IBD has the de novo bank and operating bank experience necessary to identify and execute such necessary plans.

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Independent Bank Developers, LLC

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