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Here is a three page document released October 31, 2016  about the policies of bank regulators in processing an application for a de novo bank.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Holds De Novo Outreach Conference is excellent and directly on target with why we have been saying there is no better time to start a bank.

Here are remarks of December 2, 2015 from the Chair of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.  They are direct and simple. Please read his thoughts so when some of the media, a disgruntled banker, or someone else screws them around you will know the real facts.

Note that the Chairman included reference to the FDIC Community Banking Study released in December 2012.  The study is and has been the foundation of the FDIC thinking since then regardless of what you hear elsewhere.  

Remarks by Martin J. Gruenberg Chairman, FDIC to the Economic Growth and Regulatory Paperwork Reduction Act (EGRPRA) Outreach Event; L. William Seidman Center, Arlington, VA  December 2, 2015

FDIC Community Banking Study   Quarterly Banking Profile, Statistics at a Glance, State Banking Performance Summary
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