Garfield "Missions"

Always leave the world a better place!

Justice Depot Foundation

One of my “missions” is Justice Depot Foundation, a warehouse of information for the prevention of and help to victims of child abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, human trafficking, teen and dating violence and domestic violence related murder and suicide that I recently launched. See

More than 60 million children, 17.7 million women and 2.78 million men in America have been victims of attempted or completed rape. This adds up to more than 80 million victims out of our population of about 315 million, or 1 out of every 4 of our family, friends and neighbors who suffer from this epidemic.

Please consider taking the two poll questions at and helping overcome two issues listed on The same two issues apply in nearly every other state.

Alliance OutReach Mission

The banks we help start focus in part on the services and financial needs of charitable companies. 

A patent I had approved in July: Alliance OutReach Mission, "System for Collecting & Distributing Charitable Contributions", Patent Number 8214287, will combine fundraising of charities with business development needs of financial institutions. 

See for a brief explanation and the site that will implement the process once I add the names of participating charities and financial institutions to it.

Alliance OutReach is the only system of its kind, so it should have a major effect in transforming fundraising for charities and segments of business development by financial institutions.

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