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To really learn about banking, I invite you to consider becoming a director of a community bank.  The banks we help start focus in large part on the types of businesses represented by directors on the board.  This allows us to integrate their knowledge and experience with the needs of the bank.

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Types of business people who serve on bank boards of community banks we help start.

We have helped start 31 banks with about 400 directors and about 1,000 advisory board members.  What are their backgrounds?  They are all successful business leaders with huge networks of friends and associates.  All are required to be approved by bank regulators and submit to an FBI check.

As an example, on two of our banks in progress, we have 4 investment advisors/brokers/counselors/bankers, people that understand investments.  They have managed hundreds of millions of dollars in assets.  They have license series 7, 3, 63, 9 and 10.  One was a Trustee of a Disney Trust Foundation.

In addition, our bank boards and advisory bank boards include a General who was U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff, a former Arizona Governor,  3 former State Legislators, a former Counsel in Washington to Senator John McCain, former Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor to two Arizona Governors, a former Senior Advisor to the Mayor of Phoenix, a former Special Agent investigating organized crime and public corruption for 4 Attorneys General, and three anti-terrorist experts.

We have even had a former Arizona attorney general on a bank board, and a Phoenix police chief on an advisory board.  The list goes on!  In addition, numerous of our directors have published books and own patents.

You would be keeping pretty good company.  And, so would they if you come on board.

In summary, the non-monetary value of becoming a bank director is beyond what you believe! 

You are "endorsed" by:

  • Successful business people who elect you to the board;
  • State and federal banking regulators that put a stamp of approval on you;
  • Pass an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation;
  • Become a member of the industry that controls money and rules the world;
  • Receive an education in how banking really works;
  • Earn highest prestige from your community;
  • Build a personal relationship with the Bank;
  • Enhance personal relationships with other banks;
  • Achieve civic pride in providing locally available capital;
  • Direct services and contribution to non-profits;
  • Become aware of what is happening in the local business community;
  • Develop camaraderie with other prominent members of the community. 

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